Born into the construction business, John has always been exposed to this industry.

His experience ranges from historical renovations (Wellesley Cottages in Cabbagetown, Toronto) to designing and building his own new home in Fort Erie and all the way to St. Kitts, West Indies building new homes on Golfview Estates.


Received carpentry training at George Brown College Casa Loma Campus 1989

Passed the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing requirement to design houses up to 6,600 square feet

Building Code Identification Number: 22350

Passed all TARION courses and is now on file with TARION

30+ years experience as a professional renovator and new home construction

Trained mason under the tutorage of Steve Jarnevic

As a home owner the Electrical Safety Authority has allowed him to rewire his home with full panel set up

He was allowed by the City of Niagara Falls to remove the old plumbing and install a new sewer drain system at 4480 Philip Street, NF

He also designed and installed the new additions along with full renovation and structural repairs

Due to his background new home builders have used his services to repair homes prior to the new home owners taking possession

A Home Inspector with Experience

As a private home inspector John M. Simanic protects the interests of his clients through knowledge, training and practical construction experience.


New and Existing Home Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection/ 1-year/ 2-year and 7-year of new homes up to 2800 square feet with full report for you to fill out the TARION forms. $340.00 each.

Should you want John to fill out the TARION form on your behalf it will be an additional $100.00 for the 30-day form.

Existing home inspection (Detached house) $340.00.

Existing home inspection (Semi-detached, town-houses and high rise) $320.00.

Existing home with crawlspace $ $450.00 (if accessible).

Walk through inspection with no report (1 hour) $260.00

These rates are for houses up to 2800 square feet. Each additional 100 square feet is an additional $10.00.

Travel fees: from $60.00 if more than 1 hour from Niagara Falls.


Cash and E-Transfer. 50% due on agreement and balance prior to starting the inspection.

a home inspector you can trust

His job is to find the truth and ensure his clients have the right information before making the biggest purchase of their life time.

A special note from John

 When purchasing an existing older home it is assumed there will be some problems that need to be addressed. Especially if it is a very old home that is going to be gutted and renovated.
But in new home construction we are seeing more cracks in the foundation and even truss heaving where the roof is not attached to the house properly. As your inspector it is my job to find the tell-tale signs and inform you.
“Your first line of defense is your home inspector. We are the ones that should be familiar with the construction process of building a house and understanding the TARION rules.
TARION works in your favour if you follow the rules and fill out the online forms correctly.  If you miss any of the reporting periods then TARION will protect the builder and you will not be able to have your defects repaired.
Service Departments are only bound to follow the rules and standards created by TARION. If you do not do a proper Pre-Delivery Inspection then the builder does not have to do the repairs you missed for the allotted time frame. An experienced inspector will ensure that all visible problems will be corrected.”

Understanding your needs

As a dedicated home inspector and professional in the construction industry, John M. Simanic wants you and your family protected from the pitfalls and traps of this business.

His skill and knowledge will ensure this as you navigate to the purchase of your next home or investment.


Contact Me

7280 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls , ON

MON-FRI 8:00 – 5:00, SAT 9:00 – 4:00